You should stop (and shop!) because we offer an utterly unique grocery and nursery experience. Besides picking up a goat cheese brownie, there’s a decent chance you’ll leave uplifted, feeling at least a bit more hopeful about the world than when you came.


About Us


What we do:

We’re a natural foods grocery and nursery located on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in the heart of organic farm country. It’s pretty simple what we do. We buy food and plants we believe are good for the body, our local economy, and the planet. We buy them from those as close to home as possible. Then we sell them to you, trusting that’s how you want to eat and spend your hard-earned dollars.



Why we do it:

We care about our local farmers and producers. By creating a marketplace for what we call “FOOD FROM HERE,” we’re helping create livelihoods for farmers and producers, plus preserve farmland.

We care about our customers. Everyone deserves access to healthy food options even if they choose to live rurally. Providing a place where neighbors can bump into one another helps bond a strong community.

We care about our staff. One of the most rewarding things about running a small business is mentoring and providing jobs to people younger and more talented than us. The goals are that everyone grows, finds meaning in their work, and looks after each another.

We care about the planet. By primarily selling (and eating!) organic food grown close to home, we are supporting sustainable farming methods and minding our carbon footprint as best we can.

Last but not least, it’s super fun and feeds us deeply!



Who we are:

The business is owned by a couple splitting their time between Chimacum and Seattle — Katy McCoy and Phil Vogelzang. They thank their lucky stars daily for Kristin Berg and Rob Story, the store Co-Managers who run the place. Really though, it takes a whole team, and we are blessed with the best:



Store History - a slideshow:

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About Chimacum - a slideshow:


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