Welcome to our “Produce News” page where we’ll keep you up-to-date on the extra special produce currently at the Corner. “Extra Special” to us means in-season, organic, local, and particularly tasty! This is not a listing of everything we offer. If you have questions, call Rob or Ryn at 360-732-0107.


May 12th, 2019

LOCAL RHUBARB: It’s arrived! (Wildwood Farm - Quilcene & Solstice Farm - Chimacum)

LOCAL SPRING GREENS! Each winter the local bounty in these parts gradually dwindles. Come March, we are left with only a few hardy roots. Well, now the tide turns!

  • Salad Mix - Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)

  • Bunch Lettuce - Red Leaf and Green Butter - Finnriver Farm (Chimacum)

  • Microgreens - Sunflower and Radish Sprouts - SpringRain Farm (Chimacum)

  • Bulk Spinach - Midori Farm (Quilcene) & Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)

  • Bulk Pea Shoots - Midori Farm (Quilcene) & Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)

  • Bulk Arugula - Midori Farm (Quilcene) & Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)

  • Bunched Mustard Greens - Mizuma and Red Frilly, both mild. Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)

  • Bunched Bok Choy - SpringRain Farm (Chimacum)


  • Curly Parsley - Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)

  • Bunched Chives - Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)

  • Bunched Peppermint - Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)


  • Bulk White and Purple Daikon Radishes - (Colinwood Farm - Port Townsend, Red Dog Farm - Chimacum)

  • Bunched Hakurei Turnips - Finnriver Farm (Chimacum)

  • French Breakfast Radishes - Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)


  • Gorgeous Tulips - Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)

MUSHROOMS: Such quality! (Skykomish Ridge Mushrooms - Yelm, WA)

  • Trumpet Royale - also known as “King Trumpet”

  • Shiitake

  • Maitake - also known as “Hen of the Woods”


  • Washington Fuji Organic Apples: only 99 cents/lb! Available in 20 lb boxes for a very good deal.

WOODEN BOXES: We’re updating our wooden boxes in the produce department and are now parting with our large stash of local Galen-made boxes, all unique and fabricated from salvaged wood. $5 each or 5/$20. Vintage Corner!

HIDDEN TREASURES: This page is not a full accounting of all the produce we have for sale, just things we’ve chosen to highlight. A trip to the Corner will always surprise and reward you!