Welcome to our “Produce News” page where we’ll keep you up-to-date on the extra special produce currently at the Corner. “Extra Special” to us means in-season, organic, local, and particularly tasty! This is not a listing of everything we offer. If you have questions, call Rob or Ryn at 360-732-0107.


February 31st, 2019

CITRUS: Normally, we reserve this page for local treats, but going into March, our local bounty is at its low point. In its place we’re offering a great selection of organic citrus to juice you up a bit. Explore!

  • Organic Mandarines and Tangerines: Satsuma, Algeria, Clementine, Daisy, Lee, and Page.

  • Organic Quats: Kumquats, Mandarinquats, and Limequats. Who knew?

  • Organic Oranges: Blood, Cara Cara, Navel, and Heirloom Navel

  • Organic Grapefruit: RioStar, Melogold, and Pomelo. The Pomelo is a very primitive citrus, a parent to modern day grapefruit varietals.

TURMERIC AND GINGER: Farm-direct fresh from Kolo Kai Organic Farm (Kauai, HI)

APPLES: Sadly, no more Peninsula apples or apples from Tonnemaker’s, but we do have some very good offerings of Washington State apples from distribution.

  • Washington Fuji Organic Apples: only 99 cents/lb!

  • Fujis, Pink Ladies, and Pinovas (Piñatas): available in 20 lb boxes for a very good deal.


  • Local Austrian Crescent, Yukon Gold, German Butterball, Russet, and Red Potatoes from Lazy J Tree, Finnriver, and Dharma Ridge Farms


  • Shallots from Midori Farm (Quilcene, WA)

LOCAL VEGGIES: No more local greens, but the root veggies, all sugary after a winter of fending off the cold are very good now. The local farms we are sourcing from include Dharma Ridge Farm (Quilcene, WA), Finnriver Farm (Chimacum, WA), Midori Farm (Quilcene, WA), Red Dog Farm (Chimacum, WA), SpringRain Farm (Chimacum, WA), Nash’s Organic Produce (Sequim, WA), Kodama Farm (Chimacum, WA), Persephone (Indianola, WA) and Solstice Farm (Chimacum, WA).


  • Beets (bulk) – Red, Golden, Cylindra, and Chioggia

  • Carrots (loose and in 5 lb bags) – Orange (Very sweet now!)

  • Celeriac (Celery Root)

  • Parsnips

  • Radishes (winter) – Black, Watermelon, and Daikon

  • Turnips - Purple Tops

HIDDEN TREASURES: Seemingly every day, some local farmer comes in with something to sell. These offerings come and go, and usually don’t make it onto this “Produce Update” page, but a trip to the Corner will always surprise and reward you.