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Welcome to our “Produce News” page where we’ll keep you up-to-date on the extra special produce currently at the Corner. “Extra Special” to us means in-season, organic, local or farm-direct from Eastern WA, and particularly tasty! This is not a listing of everything we offer. If you have questions, call Rob or Ryn at 360-732-0107.


July 12th, 2019


  • Blueberries - Our first blueberries from Valley Rock Farm in Quilcene arrived and went fast. More soon. Finnriver Farm’s Organic blueberries will be here any day. Janet assures us the crop looks abundant and the berries are sizing up nicely, just taking a little longer with our cool July! Our late season organic blueberries will be coming from Silva Family Farm on Whidbey.

  • Raspberries - We now have beautiful raspberries from Lamb Farm (Sequim), SpringRain (Chimacum), and Solstice (Chimacum).


  • Premium Organic Cherries - The best from Tonnemaker’s (Royal City, WA) - 100% big red juicy premium Bings. We’re getting weekly deliveries as long as the season lasts. The varieties after the Bings will be Skeenas and then Sweethearts. $2.99/lb or $50 per 20lb box (only $2.50/lb!).

  • #2 Cherries - Unfortunately, this year we will not have access to quality #2 organic cherries. Instead we are offering a generous box price on the premium cherries from Tonnemaker’s.

  • Organic Rainier Cherries - They’re here! From Brownfield Orchard (Chelan, WA). YUM. $3.99/lb!

  • Organic Tomcot Apricots - The best of the best - deep orange sweet flesh. Farm-Direct from Brownfield Orchard (Chelan, WA). $2.49/lb or $52/22 lb box ($2.36/lb).

  • #2 Organic Apricots - Slightly blemished apricots sold by the the box for a fantastic price, perfect for canning or dehydrating. Stemilt Fruit (Wenatchee). $32/24 lb case ($1.33/lb!) or $11.99/7lb box ($1.71/lb)

  • Organic Peaches and Nectarines from Sunnyslope Ranch (Wapato, WA) and Tonnemaker’s (Royal City, WA). Stay tuned. The season is still shaping up.


  • Hermiston Walchli Organic Cantaloupes - Not yet, things ripening a little slow with the cool July. Target date: July 17th! The crop looks promising. The pressing question: Can our community eat 50,000 lbs in 8 1/2 weeks??? Dig out or pick up your “Buy Ten, Get One Free Melon Card”. Last year’s punches count! These are from Walchli’s special vine-ripened patch which explains why they are so exceptional.

  • California Organic Cantaloupes - Until the Hermiston melons arrive. They are actually quite good!

PENINSULA GREENS: It’s officially summer with awesome greens to prove it! We’re currently sourcing from the following farms: *Colinwood (Port Townsend), *Dharma Ridge (Quilcene), *Finnriver (Chimacum), *Lamb Farm Kitchen(Sequim), *Midori (Quilcene), *Red Dog (Chimacum), Solstice (Chimacum), *Spring Rain (Chimacum), and Wildwood (Quilcene). - *USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC

  • Alliums - Green Onions, Purplette Bunched Onions, and Garlic Scapes

  • Artichokes

  • Arugula - Bulk

  • Broccoli and Broccolini - Especially nice!

  • Cabbage - Green

  • Cauliflower

  • Chard

  • Collard Greens

  • Cucumbers - English and mini varieties. The first ripe Pickling Cukes from Solstice are here!

  • Herbs - Curly Parsley, Bunch Spearmint, Chocolate Mint, Chives, and Cilantro

  • Kale - Red Russian, Lacinato, and Green Curly

  • Kohlrabi - Bunched and Bulk

  • Lettuce

    • Bulk Salad Mix

    • Head Lettuce: Red Leaf, Green Leaf, Green Butter, Red Butter, Green Romaine

  • Rhubarb

  • Zucchini - Green, Yellow, and Costata Romanesco

PENINSULA ROOTS: The season’s first! Dharma Ridge (Quilcene), Midori (Quilcene), and *Red Dog (Chimacum) Farms - *USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC

  • Beets - Red or gold bunched with lovely greens.

  • Carrots - Bunched fresh sweetness. Red, purple, yellow, orange, and rainbow!

  • Radishes - Red, Pink, Easter Egg, and French Breakfast


  • Mixed Bouquets: As they become available from Diamond Day Bouquets (Chimacum), Sweet Seed Flower Farm (Port Townsend), and Moonsnail Botanicals (Chimacum)

MUSHROOMS: Quality! (Sk0komish Ridge Mushrooms - Shelton, WA)

  • Lion’s Mane

  • Maitake

  • Shiitake

  • Trumpet Royale - also known as “King Trumpet”


  • Washington Fuji Organic Apples: only 99 cents/lb! Available in 20 lb boxes for a very good deal.

HIDDEN TREASURES: This page is not a full accounting of all the produce we have for sale, just things we’ve chosen to highlight. A trip to the Corner will always surprise and reward you!