Welcome to our “Nursery News” page where we’ll keep you up-to-date on the extra special nursery items currently at the Corner Nursery. This is not a full list of everything we offer. Having doubled the nursery size from last year, there are bound to be surprises! If you have questions, call Rob, Peri, or Neil at 360-732-0107 or email the nursery. We look forward to helping you grow a fantastic garden!

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About our Nursery:

Our nursery specializes in healthy plants that are beneficial to pollinators, deer-resistant, cold-hardy, native, drought-tolerant and/or shade-loving as those are major points of interest to our community. We offer only “clean” plants that are free of chemical sprays, neonicotinoids, or growth inhibitors. All of our local plant starts come from Midori or Red Dog farms and are certified organic.

A lot of attention and care goes into our plants, so no matter how long we’ve had something in stock, you can trust it will not be root-bound or malnourished. We base our nursery plant care on the Biodynamic Calendar, which means we have regular days we tend specifically to roots, flowers, or leaves in an attempt to improve plant vigor, disease tolerance, adaptability, and production.

Our nursery staff are lovers of plants with backgrounds in organic farming, native landscapes, herbal medicine, and pollinator care. Please feel free to ask them plenty of questions — what they don’t know, they’ll be excited to investigate!

We are happy to place special orders for you if there is something you are looking for grown by one of our vendors which we do not carry. We also offer deals on large purchases from retail stock, and we supply wholesale to landscapers and other gardening professionals. This applies to all soil amendments we carry. If you have a question just ask!

About our Vendors:

Below is a list of the vendors we source from at various times in the season. All of our plant and seed suppliers are based in the Pacific Northwest, many a stone’s throw down the road.


  • Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)

  • Midori Farm (Quilcene)

  • Heartwood Nursery (Port Townsend)

  • Seed Dreams (Port Townsend)

  • Finnriver Farm (Chimacum)

  • Short’s Family Farm (Chimacum)

  • Cedar Street Natives (Port Townsend)

  • Landmark Orchard (Marrowstone Island)


  • Windy Meadow (Ferndale)

  • Skagit Gardens (Mt Vernon)

  • Van Klaveren’s (Marysville)

  • Blooming Advantage (Cornelius, OR)

Last Updated October 20th, 2019


  • Warning about possible invasive in Black Gold Potting Soil – It has come to our attention that seeds of the parasitic vine Dodder may be present in some Black Gold potting soil. If you bought any Black Gold (or bought a plant planted in Black Gold), you might have inadvertently taken some home. We encourage you to keep your eyes open for a bright yellow or orange thin, threadlike vine coming up in your garden. It looks like Silly String.

This wily vine grows from seed, does not root underground, and cannot photosynthesize enough sugar to support itself. It seeks a favorable plant to draw nutrients from, wraps itself around the host, and attaches to the host's vascular system via adventitious roots called haustoria. If an appropriate host plant can not be found or reached within several days, the vine will perish.

Fret not, for as long as you catch it before it flowers and sets seed, this vine is an annual and can be pulled and disposed of safely. If seeds have already formed, please dispose of them in the trash. The seeds are incredibly hardy and can survive extreme temps due to their hard, protective coat.

We will continue to offer Black Gold potting soil, as this is otherwise one of our favorite potting soils. Soils are living communities, and there's always the chance of unexpected seeds coming in with foreign inputs of all kinds. Black Gold has been made aware of our concerns.

  • Locally propagated, Cedar Street Natives native tree & shrub sale! 25% off all trees and shrubs including Grand Fir, Red Osier Dogwood, Twinberry, Indian Plum, Red Flowering Currant, Snowberry, Shore Pine, Western Red Cedar, and Western Hemlock.

  • Fresh arrivals - Mum deck pots, Lemon Cypress, white, purple and salmon pink Cyclamen, Salal, three varieties of Nandina, Calluna and Erica Heather, Choisya (Mexican Orange Blossom) and non-invasive male & female Blue Prince and Blue Princess Holly from Skagit Gardens.

  • A small supply of Brown Turkey Figs and Frantoio & Arbequina Olives have arrived from Petula. These varieties are cold hardy and self pollinating. They will do best if not exposed to cold, strong wind.

  • Blackberry plants on sale, $19.99. Buy 2, get 1 free!! “Cascade Gold” golden Raspberries now 10% off!

  • We are very sorry that we will not have late season veggie starts this year. We will plan to stock them next year. We will be offering culinary/tea herbs through autumn. Currently stocked are Peppermint, Rosemary and Bay Laurel.

  • New striking ferns, including delicately feathered Himalayan Maidenhair and autumn hued Brilliance Dryopteris. Many types of beautiful, leafy Heuchera which offer rich hues of purple, red and green in the shade garden.

  • Locally grown decorative & staking bamboo. We’ve got a range of sizes, sold by the bundle, 10 pieces/bundle. Small (3-5 ft.) Med (6-8 ft.) Large (9-17 ft.) Thin Mixed (3-6 ft.) Check out our selection in the greenhouse!

  • New integrated pest management & fertilization products: Neem oil, OMRI listed insecticidal soap, liquid seaweed fertilizer 0-0-1, liquid fish & kelp fertilizer 2-4-1, Down to Earth All Purpose fertilizer blend 4-6-2, Down to Earth Fruit Tree fertilizer blend 6-2-4.

Current Plant Offerings:


  • All Red Dog Plant Starts are 20%-off until gone. They have pulled most of their stock but we will continue to carry their fragrant 4 in. pots of Arp & Speedy Rosemary into autumn. Thanks, Red Dog!

  • Midori Plant Start season has ended (July) and we thank them kindly for all of the veggies & herbs they’ve supplied our community with! See you next year!


  • Cane Fruits: Thornless Blackberries, Monrovia. ON SALE, now $19.99. Buy 2, get 1 free!!

  • “Cascade Gold” golden Raspberries now in stock and 10% off! Van Klaveren’s.


  • Artemisia: Silvermound

  • Asters: These pollinator-friendly plants bloom from late summer through autumn. Various varieties throughout summer and autumn including Purple Dome. This compact cultivar is loaded with gorgeous, rich, deep-purple blossoms throughout the fall. They make excellent long-lasting cut flowers.

  • Chrysanthemums: Various colors offer color later in the season! Current colors in bloom are cranberry red, white, purple and copper. Offered in 1 gallon pots and large deck pots. Mum season will soon be ending!

  • Dusty Miller: “Cirrus,” with soft, gently lobed silvery foliage. Great contrast in fall plantings. Prefers hot, dry conditions – do not over water!

  • Geums: Banana Daiquiri, Blazing Sunset, Starkers Magnificum, Mango Lassi. Little gems of red, yellow, orange and peach rise on wiry stems above attractive green foliage. Great in bouquets. Hardy to -20.

  • Hellebores, 16 Varieties: These shade-loving cold-hardy perennials will bloom from Christmastime until late Spring depending on the variety, providing much-needed beauty for humans & pollen for pollinators when little else will bloom. Currently in bloom are the Jesko and Rosemary varieties. Skagit Gardens.

  • Heuchera & Heucherella: Alabama Sunrise, Carnival Cocomint, Delta Dawn, Fire Alarm, Forever Purple, Forever Red, Little Cutie Blondie, Obsidian, Peach Flambe, Red Lightning, Sweet Tea. A great perennial for adding color and texture to your shade garden.

  • Meadow Rue: Nimbus Pink and Hewitt’s Double. Airy racemes rise above attractive foliage on these shade loving beauties.

  • Phlomis, “Jerusalem Sage”


  • Maidenhair Spleenwort, Himalayan Maidenhair, Japanese Beech, East Indian Holly, Ostrich, Giant Chain, Brilliance Dryopteris

GROUND COVERS: Several Varieties. We carry ground covers year-round, with varieties changing depending upon what’s available. These often feature adorable flowers twinkling up from soft matted foliage.

  • Sedums, Several Varieties: We carry sedums year-round, with varieties changing depending upon what’s available. They are low maintenance, fascinating, and drought-tolerant. A great addition to the crevices of rock walls.

  • Herniaria, “Green Carpet”: A ground cover that can tolerate some foot traffic! Almost like a ground cover thyme with sedum textured foliage. This evergreen, prostrate groundcover creates a solid, thin mat of tiny succulent leaves. Excellent between pavers and as a flat solid green mat. The foliage turns mahogany red with cold temperatures, adding further interest.

  • Epimedium: Shade-loving and mat forming, with heart shaped leaves and delicate flowers.

  • Wintergreen

  • Ground Cover Thyme: Low maintenance, fast growing & versatile ground cover. Fragrant! Little blossoms loved by bees. Some varieties tolerate foot traffic well making them a good choice to plant in between stone walkways. Currently stocked are Coccineus Major, Archer’s Gold, Wooly, Elfin, Pink Chintz and Pink Ripple.

  • Spikemoss: Luscious lime green moss clumps that slowly spread. Thrives in part sun/full shade.

  • Scotch Moss: Golden, evergreen mat covered with tiny white starry flowers. Needs regular moisture. Excellent between pavers, in rockeries and shaded areas. Thrives in part sun/full shade.

  • Golden Club Moss

  • Lithadora, “Grace Ward”: Return of the most popular hardy ground cover! Perennial and evergreen, narrow leaved foliage (resembling Rosemary) grows in a slightly mounded form before spreading out. Brilliant blue starry blossoms attract pollinators.

  • Sweet Woodruff

  • Checkerbloom: Rosy pink mallow flowers with mini, scalloped hollyhock-like foliage. Blooms all summer long, attracting butterflies.

  • Ajuga: “Chocolate Chip” variety with whorls of blue-violet flowers. This is the least aggressive variety, easier to dig up than others but will still fill a space incredibly well and fast. Keep away from beds, this plant does best at the edges of pathways or where it has room to sprawl.


  • Japanese Forest Grass

  • Andropogon “Red October” and “Dancing Wind”

  • “Black Mondo” Ophiopogon

  • “Hot Rod” Panicum

  • Carex “Red Rooster” and “Prairie Fire”


  • Peppermint

  • Rosemary, 4 Varieties: Classic Arp, cascading Irene, Tuscan Blue and 'chef’s choice' Roman Beauty with higher oil content

  • Sweet Bay Laurel: young Bay trees!


  • Acuba: Almost tie-die looking bright lime & dark green variegated foliage that loves shade.

  • Berberis, “Orange Rocket”

  • Caryopteris, “Dark Knight”

  • Ceanothus: Concha, Julia Phelps & Victoria

  • Clethra: Hummingbird & Ruby Spice

  • Burning Bush, “Cole’s Compact”: Rich green foliage with red stems turns to fiery red in fall, making these excellent for accents or low hedges.

  • Fatshedera: “Aureo Maculata,” a striking cross between English Ivy and Fatsia. The Fatsia genes slow the growth so no need to worry about this beauty sprawling and vining out of control. You can pinch it to encourage a more shrubby “Fatsia” growth habit or let it climb! Also kept as a potted house plant, trailing above sunny windows.

  • Hebes: Small, low-maintenance, deer-resistant, hardy border shrubs with beautiful leaf patterns.

  • Itea (Sweetspire): Henry’s Garnet

  • Winter Hazels: Aurea variety. These delicate-looking, elegant trees produce lovely fragrant blooms to delight humans, bees, and hummingbirds in winter when little else is blooming. Bright, textured foliage. Van Klaveren’s

  • Dogwood: Cardinal & Bud’s Yellow Cornus

  • False Spirea, “Sem”

  • Lonicera Nitida (Box Honeysuckle, Lemon Beauty): Prized for its foliage. Dense shrub. Grows 3-6ft tall, easy to shape with pruning.

  • Ninebark, “Dart’s Gold” & “Lady In Red”

  • Senecio, “Daisy Bush”: Hardy evergreen shrub with soft, oval, silvered leaves and cheerful, bright yellow, daisy-like flowers that bloom throughout summer. It's tolerant of hot sun, poor soils, wind and forms a mound 4-5'H x 6'W.

  • Nandina: “Flirt,” “Obsession,” “Lemon Lime”

  • Alberta Spruce, “Candlelight”: compact variety with golden flush of new growth. Cone shaped, grows 6 feet tall in 10 years. Evergreen, prefers full sun.

  • English Yew, “Dwarf Bright Gold”: Compact, bright yellow conifer with vibrant needle-like foliage. New growth emerges golden yellow and matures to bright green. 2-4 feet tall x 4-6 feet wide.

  • Winter Daphne, “Zuiko Nishiki”: Extremely fragrant pink and white flower clusters bloom in late winter. Compact growth habit, 4 feet x 4 feet. Evergreen, dark green and glossy leaves.

NATIVE PLANTS: propagated locally by Cedar Street Natives of Port Townsend. Different varieties available seasonally. Bold font highlights what is currently stocked.

End of season sale, shrubs & trees now 25% off!

  • Edible Berries: Blue Elderberry, Huckleberry (Evergreen & Red), Salmonberry, Serviceberry, Thimbleberry

  • Ferns: Deer, Lady, Maidenhair, Sword & Spiny Wood

  • Grasses: Tufted Hairgrass

  • Groundcover: Kinnikinnick, Bunchberry, Coastal Strawberry, Wild Ginger

  • Shrubs & Trees: Douglas Spiraea, Pacific Rhododendron, Tall & Low Oregon Grape, Snowberry, Twinberry, Beaked Hazelnut, Grand Fir, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Western Hemlock, Silk Tassel, Oceanspray, Shore Pine, Red Osier Dogwood, Indian Plum, Pacific Ninebark, Currants (Red Flowering & Golden), Goat’s Beard, Paper Birch, Mock Orange, Rose (Nootka & Peafruit), Oregon White Oak (Garry)

  • Wildflowers: Blanketflower, Bleeding Heart, Fringecup, Hedge Nettle, Inside Out Flower, Milkweed, Nodding Onion, Penstemon (Rocky Mountain & Cutleaf), Lupine (Sicklekeel & Large Leaf), Oregon Iris, Roundleaf Alumroot, Sunset Hyssop, Western Columbine, Western Coneflower, Yellow Wood Violet


  • Aucuba

  • Bergenia

  • Epimedium

  • Fatshedera

  • Ferns

  • Hellebores

  • Heuchera & Heucherella

  • Japanese Forest Grass

  • Mahonia: Soft Caress

  • Meadow Rue

  • Mukgenia

  • Sarcococca

  • Spikemoss & Scotch Moss

  • Winter Hazel

Other Offerings:

Seeds: Open-pollinated, locally-bred veggie and flower seeds from Seed Dreams in Port Townsend are currently not stocked. We have Buckwheat and Rye Vetch Cover Crop Seed from Finnriver Farm in Chimacum. (For those of you looking for Oatsplanter Seeds, they have stopped packaging seeds for retail and are no longer growing as many varieties. You can still buy seeds directly from them by calling and going to their farm in Port Townsend. Email us for contact info)

Soil Amendments: An extensive array of 31 organic-approved amendments and mixes specific to our area, everything from Azomite to Sulfur, offered in 2 sizes of small pre-packed plant-based biodegradable clamshells and in 25 and 50lb bags. Our "Chimacum Blend" is an all-purpose fertilizer mixed in house, perfect for our local soils. We carry 6 Down to Earth organic fertilizer blends (Acid Mix 4-3-6, All-purpose 4-6-2, Citrus Mix 6-3-3, Fruit Tree 6-2-4, Rose & Flower 4-8-4 and Vegan Mix 3-2-2.) 3 Liquid fertilizer foliar sprays (Maxicrop liquid seaweed 0-0-1, Liquid fish & kelp fertilizer 2-4-1, and Worm Castings Concentrate in Quart and Gallon sizes.) We carry Nutri-Rich Granular Fertilizer 4-3-2 as well for vegetables, flowers, shrubs and lawns.

Soils and Composts: including 3 varieties from Cedar Grove and Coco Coir.

Alder Sawdust: Perfect for tucking in your new perennials, to protect them from the cold, retain moisture, prevent weeds, and encourage mycelial networks. Repurposed burlap coffee sacks filled with 2.66 cubic feet for $4.99, or bring in a small pick-up truck and fill it yourself for $25 per cubic yard. Herman Brothers, Port Angeles.

Worm Castings: Castings are rich in water soluble nutrients and contain more humus than what is normally found in topsoil. They are packed with minerals that are essential for plant growth, such as concentrated nitrates, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Sold by the bag (about 3.5 pounds) for $9.99.

Integrated Pest Management: We offer Diatomaceous Earth, and 2 natural insecticides- Neem Oil and an OMRI listed insecticidal soap.