Welcome to our “Nursery News” page where we’ll keep you up-to-date on the extra special nursery items currently at the Corner Nursery. This is not a full list of everything we offer. Having doubled the nursery size from last year, there are bound to be surprises! If you have questions, call Rob or Peri at 360-732-0107 or email the nursery. We look forward to helping you grow a fantastic garden!

About our Nursery:

Our nursery specializes in healthy plants that are beneficial to pollinators, deer-resistant, cold-hardy, drought-tolerant and/or shade-loving as those are major points of interest to our community. We offer only “clean” plants that are free of chemical sprays, neonicotinoids, or growth inhibitors. All of our local plant starts come from Midori or Red Dog farms and are certified organic.

A lot of attention and care goes into our plants, so no matter how long we’ve had something in stock, you can trust it will not be root-bound or malnourished. We base our nursery plant care on the Biodynamic Calendar, which means we have regular days we tend specifically to roots, flowers, or leaves in an attempt to improve plant vigor, disease tolerance, adaptability, and production.

Our nursery staff are lovers of plants with backgrounds in organic farming, native landscapes, herbal medicine, and pollinator care. Please feel free to ask them plenty of questions — what they don’t know, they’ll be excited to investigate!

We are happy to place special orders for you if there is something you are looking for grown by one of our vendors which we do not carry. We also offer deals on large purchases from retail stock, and we supply wholesale to landscapers and other gardening professionals. This applies to all soil amendments we carry. If you have a question just ask!

About our Vendors:

Below is a list of the vendors we source from at various times in the season. All of our plant and seed suppliers are based in the Pacific Northwest, many a stone’s throw down the road.


  • Red Dog Farm (Chimacum)

  • Midori Farm (Quilcene)

  • Heartwood Nursery (Port Townsend)

  • Seed Dreams (Port Townsend)

  • Finnriver Farm (Chimacum)

  • Short’s Family Farm (Chimacum)


  • Windy Meadows (Ferndale)

  • Skagit Gardends (Mt Vernon)

  • Cascade Cuts (Bellingham)

  • Van Klaveren’s (Marysville)

Last Updated April 18th, 2019

Current Plant Offerings:


  • Midori Farm Plant Starts: Artichokes, Arugula, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chard, Chives, Cilantro, Kale, Lettuce Mix, Mint, Mixed Greens, Nasturtiums, Onions (red, sweet, & storage), Oregano, Pac Choi, Parsley, Rhubarb, Romaine, Sage, Scallions, Shallots, Shelling Peas, Snow Peas, Sorrel, Spinach, Sugar Snaps, Sunflower Blend, Strawberries, Sweet Peas, French Tarragon, Thyme for now! More varieties coming weekly!

  • Red Dog Farm Plant Starts: Alyssum, Amaranth, Artichoke, Asparagus, Bachelor’s Buttons, Calendula, Catgrass, Chamomile, Cosmos, Forget-Me-Nots, Hollyhocks, Horseradish, Lavender, Lupine, Marigolds, Nasturtiums, Peppermint, Phacelia, Pineapple Sage, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Scarlet Runner Beans, Snapdragons, Stevia, Stock, Strawflowers, Giant Sunflowers, Classic Sunflowers, Dwarf Red & Yellow Sunflowers, & Zinnia are here now. More varieties coming weekly!


  • Cane Fruits: Thornless blackberry, Marionberry, Red & Yellow Raspberries, and Dwarf Raspberries with proven high yields. Van Kleverin and Monrovia.

  • Blueberries, 11 Varieties: Early, Early-Mid, Mid, and Late-Season fruiting options, all chosen for flavor & sweetness. Various heights are available to meet your landscape needs. Some varieties produce fiery foliage in the fall, some are ideal for container gardening, and we even offer one evergreen option. Van Klaveren’s.


  • Hanging Basket & Window Box Fillers: For those of you who like to fill your own hanging baskets, we offer all kinds of trailing bloomers in pinks, yellows, purples, & peaches. Calibrachoa trail beautifully over edges in profuse miniature petunia-like blooms. We have so many shades of Coleus that can provide vibrant color and body to the center of the basket.

  • Hanging Baskets: Pre-made, ready-to-go hanging baskets designed to bloom all summer with very little maintenance besides watering. Add cheer to patios and front porches!

  • Alyssum: A pollinator favorite that creates a carpet of blossoms, preventing weeds from springing up. White, purple, and pink, all smell sweet & make a nice border for a veggie garden.

  • Anemones (Windflowers): These low-growing perennials form a carpet of gentle green foliage with large, breezy daisy-shaped flowers in shades of lilac & white. Perfect for planting under shrubs or larger plants.

  • Bleeding Hearts, 4 Varieties: Delicate, heart-shaped ornaments dangling from pink stems adorned with foliage available in different shades of green, from bright lime to dusky forest green. Blooms available in white, pink, or red. Bleeding Hearts grow naturally in dappled Pacific Northwest woodlands, are deer-resistant, pollinator-friendly, and are cold hardy to -40F, making a quick disappearance underground in the winter. It’s fascinating to watch them come up again in early Spring!

  • Brunnera, 4 Varieties: Twinkly blue forget-me-not like flowers atop heart-shaped, white-veined leaves. Perennial & shade loving.

  • Columbines: These shade & partial sun-loving perennials thrive easily in this region and will even self-seed once they are established. Magical flowers with incredible whirled seed heads after blooming. Saving the seeds is easy. We currently have Blue & White, Purple & White, or Red & White, & Miniature Orange Flame varieties. Skagit Gardens.

  • Daisies, 6 Varieties: Big White Shasta Daisies (perennial), blue daisies with yellow centers (annual), periwinkle blue daisies with yellow centers & variegated leaves (annual), Yellow Marguerite (annual), Gerber Daisies in yellow, orange, and red (annual), Osteospermum in yellow & purple (annual).

  • Delphiniums: Tall spires of blooms that make majestic cut flowers, beautiful planted in clusters at the back of beds, where they can reach up to 6 feet in height. Shades of blue & purple.

  • Dianthus, 6 Varieties: Reds, Pinks, & Whites, from Raspberry to Bubblegum shades. Fun zig-zag edged petals with sleek slender foliage. Perennial, with a long blooming season from May-October.

  • Fuschias, 8 Varieties: A range of sizes and colors, some standing, some hanging. They do well in the shade & hummingbirds adore them. Children like to pretend the flowers are dancers.

  • Geraniums, 8 Varieties: Ornamental annuals with big vibrant blossoms in red, white, and hot pink. Scented perennials with small flowers: Rose Scented, Lemon Fizz, & Mimosa.

  • Geums, 4 Varieties: Little gems of yellow, orange, red, and ‘mango lassi’ dancing on wiry stems above attractive green foliage. Hardy to -20.

  • Heather: Alba, white with green leaves. Eva Gold, purplish pink with golden orange foliage.

  • Heliotrope: Vanilla-scented, deep purple flowers rising on mysterious purple-tinted dark green foliage. Deer resistant, butterfly beneficial, and a good cut flower. Prefers full sun.

  • Hellebores, 16 Varieties: These shade-loving cold-hardy perennials will bloom from Christmastime until late Spring depending on the variety, providing much-needed beauty for humans & pollen for pollinators when little else will bloom. Skagit Gardens.

  • Lavender: Anouk, Silver Anouk, and Provence. Skagit & Cascade Cuts.

  • Larkspur: Tall sprays of blossoms. Excellent in cut flower bouquets. Seeds easy to harvest for seed saving.

  • Lillies: Classic White Calla Lillies, 4 Varieties of Day Lillies

  • Lobelia, 6 Varieties: Compact or trailing. Sky Blue, Lilac, Electric Blue, Rose, Dark Blue, White.

  • Peonies, 6 Varieties: One of the best cut flowers. Beautiful at every stage, from balled-up bud, to joyful pompom. They resurrect in the Spring with mysterious red foliage and stems, which later turn bushy & green. Corals, Pinks, Whites, Purplish Pink, Blazing Red.

  • Petunias: These ‘Supertunias’ will bloom profusely all season long, dropping their spent flowers naturally—a low maintenance option for planter boxes & hanging baskets!

  • Poppies: Perennial pink & bright orange varieties. Extremely drought tolerant and can even survive when grass creeps in.

  • Primroses & Pansies: A cheerful array of colors at an excellent price. Keep dead-heading them & they’ll bloom all season. Some may overwinter!

  • Salvia: ‘Love & Wishes' & ‘Skyscraper Orange’, very exotic looking with arched branches. Upright standing salvias, ‘Lyrical Rose’, ‘Purple May Night’, & ‘Hot Kiss’. All loved by hummingbirds. No need to dead-head or prune.

  • Seathrift (Armeria): Sweet beachy tufts of evergreen grass produce globes of bright blossoms atop straight, wiry stems. Good cut-flowers, drought tolerant, deer resistant, and perfect for front of borders & edging. Can accept seaside conditions and prefers full sun.

  • Ornamental Yarrows: Sassy Red & Golden. Great filler for bouquets.


  • Sedums, Several Varieties: We carry sedums year-round, with varieties changing depending upon what’s available. They are low maintenance, fascinating, and drought-tolerant. A great addition to the crevices of rock walls. Windy Meadows, Skagit Gardens, Cascade Cuts.

  • Ground Covers, Several Varieties: We carry ground covers year-round, with varieties changing depending upon what’s available. These often feature adorable flowers twinkling up from soft matted foliage.

  • Pachysandra, 2 Varieties: Shade-loving, forest ground covers.

  • Ground Cover Strawberries, 2 Varieties: The Beach strawberry is native to the Pacific Northwest Coast with deep green glossy leaves, pretty white flowers, and itsy-bitsy yummy berries. The ‘Lipstick’ Ornamental strawberry is not for eating but produces vibrant pink flowers resting on deep green glossy trailing vines. Beautiful used in hanging baskets as well as for ground cover. 


  • Japanese Forest Grasses, 4 Varieties: Ideal border & understory plants that love both shade & sunlight, their colors change with the seasons. Van Klaveren’s.

  • Other Grasses, 8 Varieties: Skagit Gardens.


  • Acuba: Almost tie-die looking bright lime & dark green foliage that loves shade.

  • Dwarf Burning Bush: Rich green foliage with red stems turns to fiery red in fall, making these excellent for accents or low hedges.

  • Ceanothus: Locally loved for its masses of sky blue blossoms.

  • Miniature Cedars: Grow to 15ft tall, max.

  • Hebes & Euphorbias, 6 Varieties: Small, low-maintenance, deer-resistant, hardy border shrubs with beautiful leaf patterns, solid & variegated.

  • Hydrangeas: White

  • Winter Hazels, 2 Varieties: Buttercup & Aurea. These delicate-looking, elegant trees produce lovely fragrant blooms to delight humans, bees, and hummingbirds in winter when little else is blooming. Van Klaveren’s

  • Dogwoods, 3 Varieties: These deciduous shrubs are still beautiful in the dark of winter thanks to their vibrant red & yellow stems, lovely planted near each other. Deer-resistant, butterfly-feeding spring bloomers that grow up to 8 ft tall but can be kept shorter.

  • Mock Orange (Philadelphus ‘Snowbelle’): Abundant, snow white, citrus-scented, double flowers on a small, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub with gracefully arching branches. Low hedge, shrub border, or massed.

  • Ninebark (Physocarpus ‘Dart’s Gold’): Leaves emerge gold, change to chartreuse, and then gold again in fall. White flowers with a pink flush produce pretty red seeds. Deciduous shrub. Mixed borders, woodlands.

  • Rhodedendron: Vulcan Red

  • Viburnum, 3 Varieties: Viburnums are some of the best shrubs for landscaping because they are robust & attractive year-round, attractive to birds, and often flower very early in the spring.


  • Fragrant White Clematis, 3 Varieties: Evergreen, with fragrant, pure white flowers.

  • Fragrant Japanese Honeysuckle

  • Fragrant Woodbine Honeysuckle

  • Fragrant Goldflame Honeysuckle

  • Purple Bell Vine: Slender vines with heart-shaped green leaves. Long, tubular black flowers with cup-shaped lavender-pink calyces.

  • Blue Moon Wisteria: Blooms spring, summer, & fall.

Other Offerings:

Seeds, 60+ Varieties: Open-pollinated, locally-bred veggie and flower seeds from Seed Dreams in Port Townsend. We also have Buckwheat and Rye Vetch Cover Crop Seed from Finnriver Farm in Chimacum. (For those of you looking for Oatsplanter Seeds, they have stopped packaging seeds for retail and are no longer growing as many varieties. You can still buy seeds directly from them by calling and going to their farm in Port Townsend. Email us for contact info)

Soil Amendments: An extensive array of 28 organic-approved amendments and mixes specific to our area, everything from Azomite to Seabird Guano, offered in small pre-packed plant-based biodegradable clamshells and in 25 and 50lb bags. We carry Down to Earth organic fertilizer blends and Nutri-Rich as well.

Soils and Composts: Six options including Short’s Magical Soil, 3 varieties from Cedar Grove, Black Gold, and Coco Coir.

Alder Sawdust: Perfect for tucking in your new perennials, to protect them from the cold, retain moisture, prevent weeds, and encourage mycelial networks. Repurposed burlap coffee sacks filled with 2.66 cubic feet for $4.99, or bring in a small pick-up truck and fill it yourself for $25 per cubic yard. Herman Brothers, Port Angeles.