MEATs and seafood:

High quality meat is the only meat we want to eat.  To us, this means it should be produced on a small scale with lots of room for the animals to move about on green pastures.  They should be given only the best feed, free of chemicals, and they should never be given hormones!  We buy meat from farmers who we know are growing it well.  Our freezers are packed with all different cuts of locally grown heritage pork, grass fed beef, goat, and lamb.  We carry whole chickens, ducks, and turkeys, as well as artisan salamis and freshly sliced deli meats.  



Olympic Peninsula & Island County:

Short's Family Farm - Chimacum, WA
Westbrook Angus - Chimacum, WA
Olympic Run Ranch - Chimacum, WA
SpringRain Farm - Chimacum, WA
Egg & I Pork - Chimacum, WA
Moonlight Farm - Marrowstone Island, WA

Greater Washington:

Loki Fish Company - Seattle, WA
Bavarian Meats - Seattle, WA
Ekone Oyster Company - South Bend, WA
Fishing Vessel St Jude - Bellevue, WA


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