let’s eat!

At the heart of the store are the goods we offer. Due to our smaller size, we curate carefully while still aiming to provide a full line of groceries. Our priorities when buying: local production, organic practices, a fair price for high quality, and of course, sublime taste!

Explore our departments below. We are super proud of all our local vendors and will brag about them further as this website gets built.



Enter the Corner’s “Produce Porch,” and it’s as if you’ve entered a top-notch farmers market with lots of exciting heritage varieties — everything super fresh and lovingly tended.

In-season, we buy almost exclusively from over twenty peninsula farms and a handful of select Eastern WA farms, all either certified-organic or known by us to be using organic methods. Off-season we buy through organic distributors and directly from a few small farms in warmer latitudes.

We value affordable pricing and offer bulk deals whenever we can.



Not many groceries can procure beef, lamb, pork, goat, and poultry like we can — all naturally and humanely grown within a ten-mile radius.

Surrounded by the Salish Sea with its fishermen, shellfish growers, and tribal lands, we are blessed with impressive local seafood offerings as well.

Add to that quality artisan salamis, fresh-sliced deli meats, along with a good selection of meat alternatives and you get our signature meat department.

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It's an embarrassment of riches. Every morning the "Corner Kitchen" cranks up the ovens over at Finnriver and surprises you with scones, bread puddings, or whatever strikes their fancy. That in addition to their "staples" of tarts, cookies, tapioca, and more with several vegan and gluten-free options.

Plus so many treats from the peninsula’s talented bakers, confectioners, and ice cream makers: Anca’s eclairs, Candance’s cookies, Elevated’s truffles... You all have your favorites. Good luck choosing!

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Hungry? Want a bite to eat now or to take with you? Every morning our Corner Kitchen makes hundreds of sandwiches with vegan and meaty choices on wheat and gluten-free breads. We serve hot soup daily made by Crust and have just rolled out our first house-made salad offerings. All made with organic ingredients.

Add to that cheese and meat sticks, hard-boiled eggs, local krauts, dips and more to keep you fueled!

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Chimacum has a long history of being a "Cow Town" with numerous proud dairies, successful in their day. Today, small goat farms, award-winning artisan cheese producers, a raw milk dairy, and happy birds laying delicious farm eggs surround us

Our coolers stock an abundance of local favorites plus a selection of organic basics honed over the years to your liking. For your convenience, we fresh slice cheeses along with grab-and-go cheese sticks.

Treat yourself to a Mount Townsend "Truffle Stack" today!

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The small producer beverage industry is more exciting today than it has ever been. Traditional fermentation techniques of all sorts are being embraced and tweaked. No flavor combination is off the table. Medicinal herbs no longer reside solely in teas.

Whether you are after local wines, hard ciders, beers, kombuchas, meads, kvasses, sparkling waters, coconut drinks, sodas, cold-brewed coffee, teas, sodas, slow-pasteurized juices, drinking chocolate, or mushroom drinks (what am I forgetting?), we have you covered.



You won't believe what the Peninsula pickles, jams, roasts, toasts, dries, filters, and mills! Explore. Maybe you'll find a secret ingredient or the perfect snack.

Our bulk department is top notch along with our offering of grocery shelf staples. Grind up some fresh peanut butter, roasted by CB's in Kingston or fill up a container with raw honey from Sailing S Ranch in Sequim.

Want a gallon of olive oil or 25 lbs of flour? Let us know. We're happy to assist with special orders.

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There are some especially sweet cottage soap, candle, and herbal remedy businesses in our neighborhood and we love using the all-natural products they create.

From lard and goat milk soaps to vegan lip balm, to beeswax candles, you will surely find something that suits your preferences or makes a perfect gift to send off in the mail.

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We are now a full-fledged year-round nursery in addition to being a grocery.

Beginning late winter, look for a wide selection of natural soil amendments, compost, locally bred open-pollinated seeds, and early-flowering perennials.

Spring picks up with a profusion of local organic veggie, flower, and herb starts that progresses along with the growing season.

Summer hits with an explosion of color, and in the fall we wrap up with cover crop seed and a fantastic selection of late-flowering perennials.



Tees, comfy sweatshirts, mugs crafted up the street, bandanas designed by Kira, old-fashioned yardsticks, cedar boxes, baby onesies, baseball hats, warm beanies and Cracker stickers.

We love our gear. We knew we arrived when we spotted our "Keepin' it Local" hat in a Patagonia catalog! Let us know if you think of any fun ideas.



There's nothing like a big fresh local beef bone from Short's Family Farm for a canine friend! Our Chimacum bandanas make handsome dog attire and when you are at the register, be aware that there is a little jar of organic treats!

"Juicing" apples & carrots make great snacks for horse friends and other pets too.