Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Cracker? - She's our mascot. She started out as a mural of a chick on the side of the building. A girl named Pearl named her in a kid’s naming contest. Being a “go-getter” by nature and passionate about our community and the food it grows, Cracker has steadily advanced her career and is now in charge of our marketing department.

Can I place special orders? - Many products are available at discounted rates when ordered in full case quantities.  Please ask us if there is something you are looking for.

Do you have a bathroom I can use? - Due to our limited septic capacity, our public restroom facilities are two porta-potties located outside the store, which we clean on a daily basis. Please talk to us if you have special needs.

Do you have ice or a cash machine? - No, but the Chevron station has both across the street.

Do you have a farmer's market? - Yes, the  Chimacum Farmer's Market which runs in our parking lot on Sundays, 10-2, May-October.

Does the windmill generate power? It is functional? - This type of windmill is traditionally used to draw up water.  It is functional, so we could set it up to do something & we hope to!  Please shoot us your ideas if you have any.

Who makes the kinetic sculptures on top of the greenhouse? - Craig Sparks.  His website is: www.wildnaturesolutions.com

Do you carry supplements and vitamins? - We carry a carefully curated selection of locally made herbal remedies & bath/beauty products. Due to limited space & our focus being on local food, we do not carry supplements and vitamins. For that, we recommend Bear Root Apothecary or the Port Townsend Food Coop.

Can we park in your parking lot when we’re not shopping? - We discourage this due to our ever-increasing numbers of customers and staff. It's not uncommon that the parking lot fills up, especially in the summer and on weekends. There is street parking along Chimacum Road.

What is your policy regarding dogs in the store? - Marked trained service dogs are always welcome. Due to health department requirements, all other dogs need to be tied up outside of the store.

Can I petition or set up an information booth on your premises? - Yes, you will need to get permission from one of our co-managers, Kristin or Rob, and follow our guidelines. You can read our policy (which needs to be signed) here.

What are your holiday hours? - We are closed New Years Day (for inventory), Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We close at 6pm on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, but otherwise we are open every day, 8am-8pm.

Do you take EBT? - We take all forms of payment including EBT.

Do you have seating where I can eat my soup and sandwich? - Yes. We have limited shared seating inside and picnic tables outside.

Do you have wifi? - Sorry, no. Our eating space is limited and shared. We encourage unplugging while at the Corner.

Are you a co-op? - No. We are a private locally-owned company.

Will you open a second store in _________? - You’re killing us! No such luck. The Chimacum store is our baby and keeps us plenty challenged. We are committed to serving this community first and foremost.